Do you know what Tenants are looking for in their next home?


Do you know what Tenants are looking for in their next home?   Recent research has shown there are 5 things which are really important to tenants


  1.  Safety and security Tenants want to feel safe and secure in their new property. By ensuring that burglar alarms are fitted, well maintained and easy for tenants to use, all smoking alarms are working and locks, doors and windows are fully secure you can quickly put your tenants at ease.
  2. Clean and well maintained property First impressions count and potential tenants very quickly make their mind up as to whether they would like to live in a property. Look at your rental property with a critical eye, are there any areas of damp, peeling paintwork, mildew, dirt and staining of carpet and walls. A well looked after property reflects the landlord. Pay particular attention to the kitchen and bathrooms, keep them clean and smelling fresh and you are on to a winner! Sometimes all it takes is a quick tidy and a vacuum to dramatically spruce up the place in time for a viewing.
  3. Modern furnishings Potential tenants like to immediately envisage themselves living in the property. Invest in classic décor which will stand the test of time in neutral, modern colours. A blank canvass gives tenants an opportunity to personalise their home with ease.
  4. High-speed internet connections ' In the fast pace we now live in high speed internet connection is a must. Tenants will ask whether or not the property has a good broadband connection. If your property boasts high internet speeds then this should be included in the property particulars and adverts.
  5. Good transport links Transport links and public transport services easily accessible from the property should be highlighted. Being close to a main road can be a big selling point for commuters, as is proximity to a train station. If a property has a car parking space this will also be a huge boost to potential tenants, most of whom will own a car.
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