With the warm and sunny days of summer upon us now in Lancashire, it's the perfect time to put your house on the market. If you're looking to sell your house this summer, you'll want to make sure it stands out from the competition and captures the essence of the season. That's where home staging comes in! In this blog, we'll share some easy and effective and home staging tips that will help you create an irresistible summer oasis for potential buyers. Let's get started!

1. Embrace Natural Light:

One of the most significant advantages of selling a house in summer is the abundance of natural light. Open those curtains wide and let the sunshine flood in! Natural light makes a space feel more inviting and spacious. Make sure to clean your windows thoroughly and remove any obstructions that may block the light. Consider removing or at the very least pulling back curtains and blinds to allow ample sunlight to enter.

2. Bring the Outdoors In:

Summer is all about enjoying the great outdoors, so why not incorporate some of nature's beauty into your home staging? Fresh flowers in vibrant colours can instantly brighten up a room. Place a vase of seasonal blooms, such as sunflowers or daisies, on the dining table or kitchen counter. Potted plants or herbs in the living room or patio can also add a touch of freshness and life to the space, but don’t go over the top.

3. Create an Inviting Outdoor Space:

Since it's summer, don't forget to spruce up your outdoor areas. Whether you have a garden, patio, or decking, it's essential to make these spaces look appealing and inviting. Set up comfortable outdoor furniture with bright cushions or throws. Add some potted plants and hang fairy lights or lanterns for a cozy ambiance. Potential buyers will envision themselves enjoying lazy summer evenings in these outdoor retreats.

4. Declutter and Depersonalize:

A cluttered and overcrowded space can make it difficult for potential buyers to imagine themselves living there. Take the opportunity to declutter your home in preparation for your move and create a sense of spaciousness. Pack away personal items, family photographs, and excessive decorations. Minimalism is key when staging your home for sale. Clear surfaces, tidy closets, and organize storage areas to showcase the ample space available.

5. Cool and Neutral Color Palette:

To create a soothing and refreshing atmosphere, opt for a cool and neutral color palette in your home staging. Think soft blues, greens, and sandy tones that evoke a coastal or beachy vibe. These colors will help potential buyers feel relaxed and at ease while exploring your summer house. Additionally, consider updating any outdated or bold wall colors with a fresh coat of paint in these calming shades.

6. Highlight Summer Features:

Make sure to accentuate the features that make your house special this summer. Showcase any outdoor entertainment areas, such as a barbecue grill or a cozy fire pit. Ensure your agent emphasizes the advantages of your property's location, we have many great countryside walks and nature reserves in South Ribble and it is a great idea to encourage potential homeowners to take a walk around The Brickcroft Nature Reserve in Longton in the sunshine, particularly if they are not familiar with the area.


Selling your house this summer can be an exciting venture, especially when you put effort into creating an enticing and welcoming atmosphere. By embracing natural light, incorporating outdoor elements, decluttering, and using a cool color palette, you can make your home stand out in the market this summer. Remember, potential buyers want to envision themselves enjoying the season in your property. So, go ahead and create that irresistible summer oasis that will have them falling in love with your home. Happy selling!